AutumnCat (autumncat) wrote in scottish_folds,

Scottish Folds available...

in various locations - check out PetFinder for locations near you.

A few that were brought to my attention are listed here:

Trent, MI - adorable black fold-ear kitten. Ideal if your looking for a pure bred Scottish Fold.

Pheonix, AZ - another all black fold-ear – not a kitten but still young.

San Angelo, TX - cute fold ear calico

Coeur d'Alene, ID - gorgeous pure bred long hair (Highlander) fold ear Scottish Fold.

Victoria, TX - this guy is an adorable fold ear – however, he is older and has some medical problems (such as arthritis). But he has been at the shelter since September and it would be awesome if he could find a home to live out the remainder of his life.

This is just a hand full of the folds available – check out to see all of the folds the rescue site has listed.

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edited: - corrected the url for the Scottish Fold Rescue
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