AutumnCat (autumncat) wrote in scottish_folds,

Forwarded from my Scottish Fold Rescue - Missing cat

"Things have been rough here this last week and tonight was another bad one.
I got a call from a lady that got a kitty from me a couple of years ago.
Angie adores this cat, BC is the love of her life and spoiled rotten. Angie
takes her everywhere, on all their trips.

10 days ago Angie and her hubby were returning to Michigan from a trip to
WI. They were in the Rockford IL area ( I-90, mile marker 59) area when
they were in an accident, rolling the car 3 times. They ended up hanging
upside down but walked away without a scratch. Unfortunately, BC wasn't so
lucky. She was riding in the car, without a carrier and the rollover broke
out the windshield. Needless to say she was scared out of her mind and
bolted out of the car. Angie has spent the last 10 days looking for her,
posting the area with posters, has had a couple of articles written, been on
TV and the radio...all to no avail.

She is devastated and now has to return to Michigan. She's hoping that
someone out there will spot her baby or better yet catch her. She is
offering a $1000 reward for the return of her baby and I'm hoping that maybe
someone might find her and call around to see if anyone has reported her.
The main trouble is this is a pretty rural area...lots of farms where
kitties just come and go, but please everyone be on the lookout.

BC is a solid black straight earred Scottish fold. She has Big round gold
eyes and a lovely round head. If you see any strange black cats in the
area, please let Angie know.

She can be reached by email at: or by phone
C: 248-321-3125

Thanks everyone


EDIT: This cat is a Scottish Fold but does NOT have folded ears.

Anyone out there in this area? Just in case.
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