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I am just sickened by this...

With permission - this message has been re-posted from my Scottish Fold rescue list.
Our list has started a fund for this cat.

From H & R:
We moved to the St. Louis area a little over a year ago and brought our six rescued Folds with us. My wife quickly became friends with a neighbor woman a few doors down. The neighbor became infatuated with our cats and soon, before we know it, thye have purchased a perk ear and folded ear fold from a lady at an area cat show. Fst forward to now.

The neighbors notified us a week ago that they would be relocating to New Jersey for career purposes and that they really didn't want to take the two cats because, as they put it, "they just aren't as cute as they were when they were kittens".

We stated that we would take the little ones in if need be. The neighbor told us that she paid $250 for the perk ear and $500 for the folded ear, but she was asking $3,000 for both because they are so rare now?!? I know, don't even get me started! I informed her that she probably wouldn't get that and I really couldn't afford to pay her that as my wife has MS and her medical bills each month leave us with little if any extra cash flow. The neighbor than stated that she had some people interested.

My wife was hospitalized last week and we have been absent from home for several days. Meanwhile the neighbors have a moving sale over the weekend. They decided to put both cats (both 1year and 2 months old) inside a 55 gallon fish tank with chicken wire over the top so they would not escape and then proceeded to set them on top of a washer and dryer set out in the hot sun in their moving sale. Needless to say, the moving sale was from 7 am to 5 pm, it was 97 degrees outside that day and they were baking on top of a glass and metal surface without nay shade of water/food.

Several neighbors witnessed this and tried to phone police to try to help the cats. The humane society said that it would send a humane officier out, but no one showed. They said that the cats were in severe distress.

We came home Monday to the neighbors being already moved. I was taking trash out and opened the dumpster to find both Folds laying with the trash. The little male lifted his head and let out a slight meow. I quickly grabbed both cats and took them to the vet.

The vet said that the female was already dead (in my state of mind, I was wishing hopefully that they had just landed in the trash and she was just weak.) and the male was in critical state. She said it appeared that both cats had been beaten.

I am unsure if the neighbors did this, or if they let the cats go and they were injured by other people or animals.

The vet said that the male needs to have his back leg removed due to severe fractures and that he will probably be blind in one or possibly both eyes. This is going to be a long and costly road to recovery, but one that my wife demands we take...anything to save a fold!!

We are looking at $480 worth of vet treatment, something that we are struggling to afford. Our regular vet, Dr. Fisher cannot repair the leg due to it's severity and has found a very good orthopedic surgeon in Missouri. Unfortunately, he is not as kind as Dr. Fisher (she waved her fees totally) and demands payment in full befor the cat can leave the clinic.

I know that a lot of you guys are in rescue or have faced similar situations. I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs in the Missouri (St. Louis) area that offer assistance in covering costs in situations like this? I have checked with the Humane Society of Missouri, but they have no programs. They suggested that I give the cat up as a stray and then they would evaluate him to see "IF" he was worth saving, but she admitted that they would probably put him down due to added costs to them. My wife is dead set on keeping this guy....even if it kills her.

I have thought about holding a yard sale as a benefit, but we didn't have enough stuff and none of the neighbors want to be bothered by it.

Does anyone have any other benefit suggestions or no of any programs around?

The cat is staying at Dr. Fisher's clinic free of charge, but she syas that the leg needs to be set or removed immediately and to do that the little guy will have to be sent to a orthopedic surgeon in order to prevent any neuroplogical dmage as the nerves around the fractures are also infected, posing a threat.

Any thoughts?


If you wish to contribute to the fund to help the surviving cat please send $ to:
Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 not-for-profit Corporation. If you would like to donate to help make sure that Folds receive needed care, you can donate through using the address <>. Your donation to SFR, Inc. is fully tax deductable. If you prefer to donate via check or money order please send a note to <> for the snail mail address.

Also, be sure you state if you want your contribution to specifically go towards the St. Louis Fold Fund.
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