Kimmie Gibler (venusaboveme) wrote in scottish_folds,
Kimmie Gibler


Greetings Everyone!

I recently joined because I love my scottish folds! Thanks for starting this community!

A few months ago, a lady gave her two scottish folds to my family and me. The female, Muffin, is six, and her brother, Max, is four. These are by far the two sweetest kitties I've ever had. Muffin loves to be the center of attention. She's not afraid of anyone. On the other hand, Max is very skittish, but once he warms up to you, he's always by your side.

This is Max...

My personal favorite: Max being a sleepy kitty...

I don't have any pictures of Muffin at the moment. Those might come soon.
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