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Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Folds
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This community is for anyone who is interested in and/or admires Scottish Fold cats.

Posting can include (but is not limited to) discussions on Scottish Fold cats and everything involved with their care - as well as Scottish Fold rescue.

Photos are also encouraged - however, please be considerate and use the Live Journal cut if your photos are over 400x400 in size or you post more than one photo. Please remember that some people are still using dial up.

For help with posting images, go here: Posting Images

For help with live journal cut, go here: LJ Tags

Please do not post photos depicting any kind of animal abuse or photos in poor taste. The moderator of this community reserves the right to delete anything deemed inappropriate.

This community is new and will be growing and developing as we go - guidelines may change as situations arise. Thanks for your interest.