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Scottish Fold Cats
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Date:2008-07-17 12:11
Subject:Andy Warhol's Cats & Dogs by Melanie Light

Andy Warhol's Cats & Dogs
 by: Melanie Light
In 1954, Andy Warhol, a renowned cat lover, published a series of 25 cat portraits in book form. Printed on limited edition, hand-colored Arches watermarked paper, the prints were privately printed and made as a Christmas keepsake. He named his book 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy. He had originally meant it to read "... Named Sam" but his mother, who did the lettering, left off the "d" and Warhol thought that the final version was fine.

In the 1950s, Warhol bought a brownstone where he and his mother resided. And, although they had owned cats for twenty years, his series of cat portraits were not based on the cats he lived with and knew. Instead, they were based on the photographs of New York Cat Photographer Walter Chandoha.

In the 1970s, Warhol 's interest with cats faded and his interest in dogs rose. His boyfriend decided they should get a short-haired Dachshund puppy. They named the dog "Archie". Warhol became so enthralled with Archie that he became his alter ego. As he held Archie during interviews, when Warhol did not want to answer a particular question, he would simply deflect the questions to Archie. Warhol took the dog everywhere - to his studio, to art openings, to dinner, to photo shoots, and to London when his work took him there.

When Archie was almost three, another Dachshund came into the picture. This dog, they called "Amos". The three of them got along famously. Amos and Archie would run around the townhouse barking, chasing and playing with one another while providing constant entertainment for Warhol. All was well, except now Archie would stay at home with his newfound friend Amos instead of gallivanting the city with Warhol.

In 1976, the art collector Peter Brant commissioned Andy Warhol to paint his Cocker Spaniel named Ginger. Andy made two paintings of Ginger, as well as drawings. Peter Brant liked these so much that he thought Warhol should do a whole series of cat and dog drawings. Andy liked the idea too. It would open up a new area of commission portraits and would give him a chance to use Archie and Amos in his work. All he lacked was a cat that would fit the modeling mold.

Warhol liked to work from photographs. He had a difficult time staging his pets and having them remain still. He decided to use stuffed animals for his first cat and dog photos. Vincent Fremont at Artnet called the finished paintings of these stuffed creatures "spooky and macabre". The paintings; however, that Warhol completed from photographs of cats and dogs are said to be vibrant and infused with personality.

After some time he began dabbling in other arts, including underground films that explored the shock value of nudity, greed, and sexuality. In 1976, after his hiatus from regular, mainstream art pursuits, Peter Brant arranged for Warhol's dog and cat series to be shown in New York and in London.

After Warhol's period of drawing and painting cats and dogs, he started on artistic renditions for Campbell soup cans and his focus on pop-culture as seen in his works centered around Marilyn Monroe. After his mother's death, Warhol became more distant from the public's eye. Warhol left his diaries behind that were later published into a book. While many say his entries are "mundane", those who study his art find that they leave a history - a post-modern history much reflective of his beliefs, ties to, and a life dedicated to explorative arts.


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Date:2008-06-11 05:11
Subject:How Long Will My Cat Live?

How Long Will My Cat Live?
 by: Larry Chamberlain
The answer to that depends upon several factors.
The care that you give your cat, the quality of the food that your cat eats, the kind of lifestyle that your cat lives. All these things play their part in the chances of your cat enjoying a long life.
Veterinary medicine has made some great advances in recent years, and this is one of the reasons the average age of domestic cats is increasing. A well cared for cat that is kept indoors and is fed a good nutritional diet, would be expected to live for about 15 years.
Some cats do live to 20 plus years and there are records of a few cats reaching over 30 years. These sort of ages for a cat are very much the exception however.
The genetic make up of a cat can be a factor in determining its life span. Some breeds of cat appear to be more resilient than others. Selective breeding can have the effect that some breeds are genetically prone to ailments which shorten their life expectancy. Mixed breeds, the typical moggie or mouser, is usually more vigorous in its genetic make up and may expect to live slightly longer than a pure breed cat.
Cats that are kept strictly as indoor only cats stand a better chance of living to a ripe old age than cats that are allowed outside. The reasons for this are many. Outdoor cats face danger from traffic, from being attacked by other cats or by other animals. They run increased risk of being accidentally poisoned by pesticides or deliberately poisoned by malicious humans. Outdoor cats are also at risk from catching feline diseases particularly from the feral cat population.
The are many things to consider in deciding to keep your cat as an indoor only cat or an outdoor-indoor cat, life expectancy is only one of them.
Overfeeding your cat is a good way to shorten its life. An overfed cat stands more chance of health problems than a cat that is weight controlled. Diabetes, arthritis, breathing difficulties, heart and liver disease can all result as a consequence of overfeeding. All of these conditions may mean your little pet not living a long and healthy feline life. Your veterinarian can advise on the best diet for your cat.
Exercise too, is important for your cat's health and in maintaining its weight. Healthy cats mostly exercise themselves of course, but the playtime you enjoy with your cat can contribute to keeping kitty healthy. Elderly cats particularly benefit from gentle play-exercise.
Regular visits to the vets for routine checks will give your cat the best chance to live a long life, and to live that life healthily. Many life shortening problems can be tackled successfully if detected early.
Neutered or spayed cats often enjoy a slightly longer life than unaltered felines. This is particularly so for male cats as an unaltered male will often receive injuries defending his territory. There are many other good reasons for spaying and neutering of course, aside from extending the life of your cat.

Thanks! - 7 Key Steps to Adopting the Perfect Dog

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Date:2006-07-15 14:33
Subject:Anyone reading near Sandusky, MI?

There is a kitty on my Scottish Fold Rescue list that is in danger of being euthanized (he is in a kill shelter).
If you can help - please go to the link below:
Scroll down to Scotty - Scottish Fold/Manx mix

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Date:2006-05-03 12:39
Subject:My cat

This is my darling. Her name is adagio. I've had her for about 9 yrs now and she's 10. I'll post a better picture later, but for now these will suffice.

and the cat sleeping on my Martin. No grander sight than that:

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Date:2006-05-03 16:36

I've a tortie-tabby fold. Her name's Precious and she turns 2 years old in October!

PRECIOUS!Collapse )

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Date:2005-01-12 22:37

I was searching for a Scottish Fold community, and look what we found!

here's Marty...Collapse )

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Date:2004-12-11 21:41
Subject:new member

Hi everyone! Just browsing communities, and wondered if there was one for Foldie lovers... and voila! I've been a Foldie fan my whole life, it seems, and we've got two Fold girls at home (and one little boy, a 'normal' DSH). Thought I would share some photos!

Kitties!Collapse )

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Date:2004-12-01 18:36
Subject:Scottish Fold Calendars being sold

The Scottish Fold Rescue is selling calendars for fund raising. The calendar will be a Fold photo calendar and many of the cats included are rescues.

If you are interested in the calendar (would be a great Christmas/Holiday gift) go to this site:

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Date:2004-11-28 14:24
Subject:New member

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself & my soon to be mine fold! I'm about to become a cat owner for the first time in late December. He's a pedigree classic cream tabby that I'll be calling Angus.

The breeder was very keen to see him shown, & luckily we have neuter sections in most cats shows here in Australia so I'll be doing just that.

Anything to support the profile of the breed, while maintaining my belief that all cats should be desexed unless you're a registered breeder

Angus The Fold

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Date:2004-08-24 14:24
Subject:Cat transport needed in CA

Can anyone transport cats between Hesperia & San Diego, CA?

There are fosters available - the cats just need to get from where they are to the fosters.
Needed sometime tomorrow.

Crossposted in autumncat

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Date:2004-08-18 21:39
Subject:Legit - HELP needed for cats in CA

This is copied from the Scottish Fold Rescue list:

Earlier this week there was a post on the Scottish Fold Rescue list about
some cats that had been seized by Animal Control in Hesperia CA. I had
talked to the AC officer and all appeared well - cats had ear mites and were
thin but she was told by the vet that they were healthy (this was on
Monday). And she told me that nothing could be done about placing the cats
until a hearing took place and no date was scheduled.

Well, I just got off the phone with AC and it's a totally different story
now. First, the owner signed all but one of the cats over to Animal
Control so there won't be a hearing and AC can now do whatever they want
with the cats. And not only do the cats have ear mites, they all have URI,
diarrhea, runny noses and are vomiting. AC has tested 2 for feline leukemia
and they were negative. Because of their illnesses, AC wants to euthanize
them tomorrow evening (Thursday, 8/19) as it is requiring too much time to
take care of them.

There are 23 cats involved but I do not believe all 23 are Scottish Folds.
Unfortunately, the AC officer has no idea which cats are what breed and the
owner did not provide the registration papers on the cats.

I do not have space to take any of the cats. If anyone has any suggestions,
please reply ASAP.


Katomer Scottish Folds

Is there anyone in the Hesperia, CA area that could help foster any cats?

Contact me and I will help get you in touch with the people involved.

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Date:2004-08-10 14:34

Greetings Everyone!

I recently joined because I love my scottish folds! Thanks for starting this community!

A few months ago, a lady gave her two scottish folds to my family and me. The female, Muffin, is six, and her brother, Max, is four. These are by far the two sweetest kitties I've ever had. Muffin loves to be the center of attention. She's not afraid of anyone. On the other hand, Max is very skittish, but once he warms up to you, he's always by your side.

Pictures of MaxCollapse )

I don't have any pictures of Muffin at the moment. Those might come soon.

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Date:2004-07-25 14:11
Subject:Scottish Fold abuse update - SCAM
Mood: pissed off

Ok - if I thought my original post disgusted me...

The message below is copied from my Scottish Fold rescue list - advising that the situation I reported here was a scam.

If anyone donated money for this cause using the paypal info in my post - it would have gone directly to the Rescue lists pay pal account. Which means the money has not been dispursed to the scam artists and is safe.

cut for length - scam detailsCollapse )

I am deeply sorry for forwarding erroneous information.
Though I am happy that no cats were killed or injured in this particular instance.

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Date:2004-07-14 14:49
Subject:Two Scottish Folds in Sacramento, CA

They are just adorable.



Mr. Fluffy (really looks like Mr. Fluffy!)

Should be adopted together - litter mates.

Crossposted to autumncat

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Date:2004-07-07 23:29
Subject:I am just sickened by this...

With permission - this message has been re-posted from my Scottish Fold rescue list.
Our list has started a fund for this cat.

From H & R:
We moved to the St. Louis area a little over a year ago and brought our six rescued Folds with us. My wife quickly became friends with a neighbor woman a few doors down. The neighbor became infatuated with our cats and soon, before we know it, thye have purchased a perk ear and folded ear fold from a lady at an area cat show. Fst forward to now.

The neighbors notified us a week ago that they would be relocating to New Jersey for career purposes and that they really didn't want to take the two cats because, as they put it, "they just aren't as cute as they were when they were kittens".
cut for length - please click and read the rest (though, it is disturbing)Collapse )

If you wish to contribute to the fund to help the surviving cat please send $ to:
Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 not-for-profit Corporation. If you would like to donate to help make sure that Folds receive needed care, you can donate through www.paypal.com using the address <foldrescueinc@earthlink.net>. Your donation to SFR, Inc. is fully tax deductable. If you prefer to donate via check or money order please send a note to <hebrides@ev1.net> for the snail mail address.

Also, be sure you state if you want your contribution to specifically go towards the St. Louis Fold Fund.
crossposted to scottish_folds

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Date:2004-05-25 12:30
Subject:Anyone near Pacific Grove, CA

Adorable Scottish Fold cat available at a shelter there.

crossposted to autumncat

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Date:2004-03-25 00:58
Subject:Forwarded from my Scottish Fold Rescue - Missing cat

"Things have been rough here this last week and tonight was another bad one.
I got a call from a lady that got a kitty from me a couple of years ago.
Angie adores this cat, BC is the love of her life and spoiled rotten. Angie
takes her everywhere, on all their trips.

10 days ago Angie and her hubby were returning to Michigan from a trip to
WI. They were in the Rockford IL area ( I-90, mile marker 59) area when
they were in an accident, rolling the car 3 times. They ended up hanging
upside down but walked away without a scratch. Unfortunately, BC wasn't so
lucky. She was riding in the car, without a carrier and the rollover broke
out the windshield. Needless to say she was scared out of her mind and
bolted out of the car. Angie has spent the last 10 days looking for her,
posting the area with posters, has had a couple of articles written, been on
TV and the radio...all to no avail.

She is devastated and now has to return to Michigan. She's hoping that
someone out there will spot her baby or better yet catch her. She is
offering a $1000 reward for the return of her baby and I'm hoping that maybe
someone might find her and call around to see if anyone has reported her.
The main trouble is this is a pretty rural area...lots of farms where
kitties just come and go, but please everyone be on the lookout.

BC is a solid black straight earred Scottish fold. She has Big round gold
eyes and a lovely round head. If you see any strange black cats in the
area, please let Angie know.

She can be reached by email at: macrange@ees.eesc.com or by phone
C: 248-321-3125

Thanks everyone


EDIT: This cat is a Scottish Fold but does NOT have folded ears.

Anyone out there in this area? Just in case.

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Date:2004-01-24 12:22
Subject:Scottish Folds available...

in various locations - check out PetFinder for locations near you.

A few that were brought to my attention are listed here:

Trent, MI - adorable black fold-ear kitten. Ideal if your looking for a pure bred Scottish Fold.

Pheonix, AZ - another all black fold-ear – not a kitten but still young.

San Angelo, TX - cute fold ear calico

Coeur d'Alene, ID - gorgeous pure bred long hair (Highlander) fold ear Scottish Fold.

Victoria, TX - this guy is an adorable fold ear – however, he is older and has some medical problems (such as arthritis). But he has been at the shelter since September and it would be awesome if he could find a home to live out the remainder of his life.

This is just a hand full of the folds available – check out
http://scottishfoldrescue.homestead.com/available.html to see all of the folds the rescue site has listed.

Cross posted in autumncat

edited: - corrected the url for the Scottish Fold Rescue

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Date:2003-12-16 16:36
Subject:Scottish Fold available in DE

This cutie is still available in Delaware.

Contact the person on the website.

crossposted to my journal - autumncat

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Date:2003-12-11 12:49
Subject:My Christmas Cat

With all that has been happening of late - our Christmas decorating has been put on hold and abandoned on the living room floor.

Argyle finds a comfy place to nest wherever she can.
Here are a couple of nesting shots:

Click the photos for the full photo/larger version:

Crossposted to autumncat

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