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Scottish Fold abuse update - SCAM

Ok - if I thought my original post disgusted me...

The message below is copied from my Scottish Fold rescue list - advising that the situation I reported here was a scam.

If anyone donated money for this cause using the paypal info in my post - it would have gone directly to the Rescue lists pay pal account. Which means the money has not been dispursed to the scam artists and is safe.

We were not at liberty to comment on the alleged abuse of a Scottish Fold
named Percy, in IL, that Harold Cummings reported to the list until now.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what was going on. First, there
were a lot of updates from Harold, then silence.

For those of you that are new to our list, I would like to clarify that
Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. is a dedicated rescue group. We are a
recognized, charitable organization under the auspices of IRS Regulations,
Section 501(c)(3). While we would have liked to rush and gain moneys to
send as soon as possible to the attending Vet (Dr. Chance Fisher-Genovese
in this case), we are also obligated to investigate abuse claims to the
extent we possibly can. The reported abuse came from an unknown source. If
it had come from a known source, this would be an entirely different ball
game. We wanted to ensure the story was totally legitimate

The Board of Directors began to look into the matter behind the scenes. As
spokesperson on the list, I did my best to let you all know that those
wishing to send money to the PayPal account Harold set up should not use
that but to go through our organization. On the list, we had to go along
with the story until the facts were gathered and the truth ascertained.

We conducted a thorough investigation, the man-hours of which can be
tallied in days and nights, not hours. A litany of Humane Organizations
and State Agencies were contacted. We dealt with Dr. Chance
Fisher-Genovese in private e-mails. We asked for medical records on Percy's
condition as well as what it would cost to give the kitty a good quality of
life. The Vet's credentials were verified and the medical reports reviewed
by a Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Yes, this took
time. However, we felt obligated to be thorough.

Things were complicated by the fact that two States were involved. When we
had sufficient information (over 95 pages), that documentation was turned
over to law enforcement authorities.

The bottom line is that the whole saga was a scam. Dr. Chance
Fisher-Genovese is not licensed Veterinarian, even though she has been
portraying herself as one for years. There is no clinic. Harold Cummings
does not exist. There was never an incident as "Harold" reported. We have
been working and will continue to work with law enforcement officials at
the local, State, and Federal level to ensure these people are prosecuted
to the fullest extent possible.

"Harold Cummings" joined our list back in June 2003 and claimed he lived in
MO. Dr. Chance Fisher-Genovese was also a member of our list since May
2002 and had provided "Veterinarian" advice to list members on
occasion. She is a resident of IL. Quite a bit of planning went into this

Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. could have contacted the "Vet" once we started
getting suspicious and told her and her cohorts to get lost, then notified
the list. However, that would have left them free to try their scam on
another group. We were bound and determined to see this through. We felt
we had a moral obligation to the cat fancy as a whole and to the
unsuspecting people who had already fallen prey to the scam by sending them

The police have asked us to query the list to determine who sent money to
Dr. Fisher-Genovese via their PayPal account or who mailed a check to her
at the address "Harold" provided. If you did, please contact me privately
at providing as much detail as possible - date the
money was sent, how was it sent (PayPal or a check), and the amount.

Those of you that sent money to Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. and specified it
was to be used on the St. Louis Fold Case will be contacted privately. At
that time, you will be given the option of a full refund or allow us to use
it for future rescues.

We regret such an incident occurred; however, it was outside of our
control. Persons wishing to join our Rescue List are only queried to
verify they are not spam. We do not check further as this would be too
time consuming. We have to assume you are truly interested in our rescue
efforts and have no ulterior motives until you prove otherwise.

DeLynne Satimore
Vice President
Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc.

I am deeply sorry for forwarding erroneous information.
Though I am happy that no cats were killed or injured in this particular instance.
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